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IEC Materials

Filariasis-Subha Sambad (Odia)  
Nutrition and Health (Odia)  
Rakta Sikuli Roga and Bita Thallsemia (Odia)  
Rakta Sikuli Roga (Odia)  
Adolescent Growth Spurt (Odia)  
Micronutrients - The Protective Foods (Odia)  
Protein: Its Importance (Odia)  
Personal & Environmental Hygiene (Odia)  
Iodine Deficiency Disease (Odia)  
Why Do We Need Energy (Odia)

Energy Giving Food; List of Energy giving food with their calories.

Malaria (Odia)

Malaria: Symptoms & Control methods

fat: Human Health (Odia)

Fat: Necessary Balance Diet & Different steps

Anaemia (Odia)

Anaemia:  Cause & Deficiency