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Facilities & Services


At Present the centre has one insectorium which was developed before 19 years. Here cyclic colony of three genus of mosquitoes i.e. Aedes aegypti ( LV strain), Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus maintained. The reared mosquito species were used in insecticide susceptibility status test, larvicidal bioassay plant extract bioassay test.The different plant extract having larviciding properties tested in our insectorium by our scientist and scientist from other Institute also send their material for testing. Cyclic development of Brugia malayi L3 developed and different aspects of and immunological studies were carried out by our scientist of the Institute. The insectorium was used for giving training to different persons time to time.

Animal House

Animal facility provides animal care, breeding and maintenance of experimental animals. The facility works under the guidance of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee to ensure excellent animal care. The facility has been registered (No. 70/1999/CPCSEA) for breeding and experiments on animals under the Committee for the purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment & Forests (Animal Welfare Division), Government of India. Animal facility of the center continues to be used for all relevant on-going projects. Currently M. Coucha, Balb/c mice, Guinea pigs and Rabbits are available for experimentation. All the projects concerning animal use/ experimentation are discussed in Animal ethical committee of the center and work progress also review periodically by the committee. This facility is maintained regularly with periodic inspection and health monitoring by veterinarian. The detail record is kept in animal facility.

Library & Information

Library & Information Centre of RMRC has been the life-line for the research activity of the institute. At present, it stands as a modern library & Information Centre with a lot of modern facilities with Wi-Fi enabled. It is regarded as one of the best Bio-Medical & Health Science Research libraries in Odisha.

Biomedical Informatics Centre

The Biomedical Informatics Centre at RMRC Bhubaneswar was initiated on 1st April, 2013 with a grant from ICMR under "Biomedical Informatics Centres of ICMR (Phase II)". Under the project two laboratories have been established with dedicated back-up from 10 KV on line UPS with NKN internet facility for conducting genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis. The centre provides support and training to research scholars, scientists and medical faculties in the cutting-edge of Biomedical Informatics on diseases of national interest.

National Reference Laboratory TB
  • Monitoring and QC to 10 states since 2013: Odisha, West Bengal and North East States
  • Completion of BSL-3 laboratory
  • Accreditation for FL DST by MGIT.
  • Strong collaboration with state RNTCP
  • Providing technical support for establishment of 127 new CBNAAT lab in all the 10 states and monitoring their monthly performance.

ICMR Virology Network Lab. (Gr.I)

The Viral Diagnostic Laboratory (Grade I) of Biosafety Level-2 was established in the year 2010,as a part of ICMR’s Virology network laboratories to create viral diagnostic capacity which was lacking in deferent parts of the country & to enhance research activities on important viral diseases in this region. Such a facility was felt essential to provide immediate diagnosis to suspected viral diseases emerging as epidemics and pandemics raising public health concern. Pandemic Influenza A/H1N1/2009 investigation is an example of this for which the centre acted as the regional reference laboratory for the state of Odisha.